Water Bottles, Bowls & Feeders

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Hagen Catit Fresh & Clean Stainless Steel Top Drinking Fountain 2L #50023
Catit Design Fresh & Clear stainless steel top drinking fountain provides a continuous source of fresh-tasting filtered water that will encourage your pet to drink more, helping to prevent crystal formation that can lead to urinary and kidney diseases. The high grade stainless steel drinking ..
$80.00 $94.20
Hagen Catit Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain 3L #55600
Catit Design Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain provides your cat with a continuous indoor source of fresh-tasting, cool, filtered water that encourages your pet to drink more water. Drinking plenty of water helps ensure proper kidney function, which helps prevent crystal formation that can ..
$54.50 $64.20
Hagen Catit Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain with Food Bowl #50050
Like humans, cats require water for survival. The Catit Design Fresh & Clear Cat Drinking Fountain with Food Bowl responds to your feline's need for a continuous supply of fresh and clean drinking water. Circulating water in the unit creates increased exposure to oxygen, providing fresh-..
$72.00 $90.95
Hagen Catit Senses 2.0 Digger Interactive Feeder
The Catit Senses 2.0 Digger encourages cats to work for their food/treats in a fun and natural manner.  Its smart design plays on a cat’s instincts to paw out smaller portions of food, which stimulates activity and reduces binge eating.   Insert kibble or treats into the var..
$25.50 $29.95
Marukan Pink Bowl
Ceramic bowl for small pets. ..