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3-Tier Cat/Chinchilla Cage
  Dimensions: 3 feet x 1.5 feet x 5 feet   Color: Hammer spray   Easy to clean, it's spacious interior includes resting platforms and hammock.   RETAIL $350 USUAL PROMO AT JUST $288!   CASH AND CARRY AT OUR SHOP. whilst stocks l..
$288.00 $360.00
Armonto Carrier
3 colours. Avail in Blue, Pink and Yellow. Dimensions: 24x46.6x32.5cm   ..
$48.00 $55.00
Eva Tote Carrier
Dimensions: 46 x 29 x 34cm Avail in light grey and light grey with prints. A revolutionary new pet carrier!  Lightweight.   Saves space, fully collapsible design with quick-zip assembly.    Each carrier collapses down to become a conveni..
$55.00 $77.00
Hagen Catit Design Cabrio Cat Carrier
PRE-ORDER. AVAIL IN PINK OR GREY. SPECIAL RATE AT $95!! Whilst stocks last. Cash and carry or FREE delivery. Multi-functional carrier Dimensions: 51 cm (20") x 33 cm (13") x 35 cm (13.75") In its own ultimate class, the Hagen Catit Design Cabrio Cat Carrier is a multi-fun..
$95.00 $120.00
Hagen Living World Paws2Go Small Pet Carrier - Grey/Salmon
Living World Paws2Go Small Pet Pet Carrier provides a safe and comfortable haven for small animals on the go. The compact, portable carrier has many innovative design features to ensure that your fur baby travels comfortably and securely. Made of durable, chew-resistant plastic, the carrier ..
Marukan DC260 Cat/Chinchilla Cage
- Designed with large door which is ideal for cleaning and ease of access to your pet. - This cage can be used either for cats or chinchillas. - Height of the cage may be changed to fit the your pets' needs. - Designed with large door which is ideal for cleaning and ease of access to ..
$268.00 $374.50
Marukan Easy Clean Cage MR999
Easy Clean Wide  Dimensions: 90x60x60cm   Comes with side guards, 2 pullout trays and rollers for easy cleaning. Various doors for easy cleaning and feeding. Front, sides and top.   Only available in Coffee Colour.   ..
$428.00 $481.50
Pet Zone Smart Fence
3 Colours such as Pink, Blue and Cream. Dimensions: 39x35cm per piece. 12pcs in a Box (Single colour) Easy assembly. Can be fixed to form different shapes as desired. Provides extra play area for your pets. Portable and easy to carry around. You may buy a..
$70.00 $79.70
Petcare Carrier
Dimensions: 44x24x37cm Suitable for small dogs, cats or small pets. Washable with internal cushion pad. Comes with carrying handle, strap or as a backpack. Whilst stocks last.   ..
$140.00 $168.00
PG Carrier (2 Bones Design Plastic Door)
New! Pet Carrier with 2 Bones Design Plastic Door. Dimensions: 51x35.5x33cm Various Colours such as Blue, Orange and Magenta. LIMITED TIME OFFER! Retail $45 PROMO AT JUST $32! Whilst stocks last.   ..
$32.00 $45.00
PG Carrier (S)
Dimensions: 46 x 30 x 28cm  Avail in Blue, Pink and Yellow Colours for this shipment. usual $35 PROMO AT JUST $28! whilst stocks last. ..
$28.00 $35.00
Play Pen Tent (L)
Dimensions: 45 x 58cm x 8pcs Avail in Red or Blue. Great for families who wish to let kids play with pets in. USUAL $220 PROMO JUST $180! Suitable for dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas under supervision. This soft-sided pet pen gives your pets a comfy ..
$180.00 $220.00