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Bird Bed (S)
Dimesions: 13 x 11 x 11cm Provides warmth and comfort for your birds. ..
Colourful Bird Swing
Suitable for small birds such as budgies and lovebirds. Attractive. *Budgies are for display purposes only ..
Colourful Chain Toy
Length around 35cm. Suitable for birds to climb and explore. ..
Hagen Living World Junglebead Small Bead & Block Ring
Living World’s extensive line of Junglewood bird toys feature a wide variety of provocative hanging toys specially designed to entertain and stimulate play, exercise, and activity. Birds will enjoy hours of fun and amusement. Each unique toy consists of a combination of interesting trinkets such ..
PG Fruit Basket Throw Toys (Bundle of Joy of 3)
Made in USA. Suitable for all small pets. This special little tri- pack of mini throw toys is a great sampler if you're not sure what your pets will like. - A 'carrot' is topped with vegetable based ink newspaper for chewing and throwing! - An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Th..
$49.90 $59.90
PG Twin Happiness Chew Toy
Hot Favourite toys now come together as one! Willow balls and chewing blocks. Encourages chewing and playing. Made of natural willow branches and is ideal for small rodents such as hamsters, chinchillas, guinea pigs and rabbits. Helps maintain healthy teeth through gnawin..
Sanko Wild Athletic Hollow
Resting Site for your bird. ..