PG Series

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Bone Shaped Pee Tray (S)
Dimensions: 48.3x34x4cm Available in Pink, Blue or Yellow. Easy to clean. Anti Slip base...
$18.00 $25.00
PG Bundle of Joy Chew Toy
Loofahs, Willow Balls and Wooden Blocks all in one! Suitable for all small pets such as chinc..
PG Carrier (2 Bones Design Plastic Door)
New! Pet Carrier with 2 Bones Design Plastic Door. Dimensions: 51x35.5x33cm Various Colours..
$32.00 $45.00
PG Carrier (S)
Dimensions: 46 x 30 x 28cm  Avail in Blue, Pink and Yellow Colours for this shipment. ..
$28.00 $35.00
PG Fruit Basket Throw Toys (Bundle of Joy of 3)
Made in USA. Suitable for all small pets. This special little tri- pack of mini throw toy..
$49.90 $59.90
PG Mineral Block L
Convenient and easy way to provide vitamins and minerals. Eases chewing urge. Suita..
PG Pet Roller with Bell
Diameter around 5cm. Height is around 7.5cm. Suitable for all small pets such as chinch..
PG Plastic Pet Carrier
 Dimensions: 35*21*28cm  Comes with inner plastic platform and water bottle. &n..
$19.80 $25.00
PG068 Small Pet Cage
Dimensions: 68 x 46 x 52cm   Various colours such as Maroon, Blue and Orange. &n..
$168.00 $208.00
2 colours avail. Dimensions: 61x43.5x13.5cm Comes with pullout tray, rollers and ..
$128.00 $150.00