Daily Scoops Recycled Paper 25lb (PROMO 3 AT $120)

Brand: Hagen Catit
Product Code: Daily Scoops
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Daily Scoops is a biodegradable, light weight litter made exclusively from 100% recycled paper. It’s moisture locking pellets are 3 times more absorbent than traditional clay litter and provide superior odor control from the natural carbon found in recycled paper along with added baking sofa.

The 99.9% dust free pellets offer less tracking than traditional clay litters and ensures the litter will not stick to the bottom of your pet pan.

Review by Siew Ting on 11 March 2018

“Daily Scoops has very good absorbency compared to other brands of cat litter. It’s more cost savings since you only need to remove and replace the soaked litter. It has very good odor control too!