Small Pet Select DIAMOND CUT Timothy Hay 5lb

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Ever since its first launch in Singapore in 2014, Pets' Gantry is proud to be the 1st Small Animal Shop and remains as one of the leading shops retailing this Ultra-Premium quality timothy hay.

Soft, green, and so fragrant you can practically smell the meadows - this is the kind of timothy hay our pets would pick for themselves if they could.

Most of the hays we have in Sg are 1st and 2nd cutting timothy hays. This is the DIAMOND CUT timothy hay. The main difference is that the DIAMOND CUT Timothy Hay is ultra soft - - nearly 100% leaf with very little if any stem. A beautiful green with little brown. If you have a super picky pet that is refusing to eat other grass hays, this can be a good way to get them started.

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